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Deadpan Fury

May 17, 2017

No intro I could do is going to do this conversation justice so here it is.

I was really spooked of this one. I wasn't going into something I knew much about. I'm not a particularly spiritual person, and what does that even mean? And can I find out without stuffing myself into yoga pants and keeping my third eye away from young,nubile women in my accidental quest for enlightenment?

The Rabid Monk made it easy for me to shut up and listen,I barely even miss talking. I'm not in my element, but he absolutely was in his, in a conversation that left me buzzing an hour later, and thinking a bit on the second. I'm off the map, and I couldn't be happier about it.

I'm not going to edit this one, I wouldn't do it justice, you're going to hear it beginning to end. Assume any unprofessional gulps of water or stammering is from my screwing it up. The Rabid Monk is ready from word one, and rather than chop it all up,I wanted the talks energy(?) intact.

Brian C,  The Rabid Monk  , and you can follow him on twitter at @the_rabid_monk

Theme snippet: "(This is) The Thrilling conversation you've been waiting for" By Harvey Danger- Used with permission 

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