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Deadpan Fury

Apr 7, 2015

Ok, I've been distracted by things , and sometimes they end up being important like extra shifts or crappy like sinus infections.


 This was raw material I was going to include in our first bonafide episode, but now it runs the risk of being dated(they can't all be Skylab jokes). Included are a number of segments I'm testing out including "car ride wisdom", "steve tom gets one question wrong", and "Movies nobody cares about", along with my guests Jonathan and the wee baby Katelynn interspersed between my random navel gazing.


 Also, I attempt my first trip back to the orland Public Library since I was eight.


Our next upload will finally be a full fledged episode, complete with two Deadpanfury Alums discussing things other than the topics I warned them to prep on.