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Deadpan Fury

May 17, 2016

Sparky talks about cosplaying in Japan, and Marcus rambles about dorky stuff and his neighbors mowing dirt. Things escalate quickly into our love of comics and her contribution to the New 52 version of her favorite Character.


Check out her work at: Her Facebook page or follow along on Twitter @sparkymularkey. I know little to nothing about cosplay, so it's all new to me.


We're also getting ready for the big skype chat on saturday. User Account DeadpanWow and we're going to start gathering around 4pm pacific and start rolling by 5pm pacific on the three greatest films of the modern era.Just look for the T Rex with grabby hands on Skype!

Sparky was a lot of fun, and she's a good sport for putting up with nearly a year of my delays and procrastination. 


I managed to digress all over the place,so rather than just drop it all on you raw, I'm going to section it up into topics and release them as stand alones- at least until the next time Sparky shows up!