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Deadpan Fury

Dec 20, 2015

I love stress and bullshit with family thrown in.


Love it.

Dec 8, 2015

 How about this river of blood?




Frog rain?





Nov 16, 2015

It's not bad enough that I dont have any topics before wasting a day of my life talking; now Im going to give you a preshow featuring my famous "Ex with a toaster" story, and why Im not talking about current events.


 Then, find out what I spent the past 15 years thinking about putting in my mouth.


And then I screw...

Nov 6, 2015

So yeah, just a mini episode to remind myself to do these. I'm saving my voice up for the 24 hour podcast session on Nov 15th, 8pm to Nov 16th on Skype.  I will be discussing whatever random bullshit my friends decide to plug- if they decide to show up, as well as a number of random topics that catch my fancy.


 I can...

Oct 14, 2015

 Because we dont talk about Ska. We talk about wrestling. TV shows, some wrestling. Comic Book movies, some wrestling. More wrestling. I deliberately spend about two hours attempting to avoid anything resembling a coherent theme with AFN, and since he likes most of the same stuff I do, it works out Ok.


Ska might have...