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Deadpan Fury

Jun 21, 2017

I’ve finally braved the heat to record.
We’ve got


on the show! That’s right, I dug deep and got Nette! Whereas I go all over the place, and you can’t shut up Hatter up; Nette keeps it kind of low key. She was around before I was in the DCU/Mobius Infinity/Athanon/Grassy Knoll/Deadpan Fury 1.0/DPF timeline. So we get to touch base after a lot of years and talk about her writing, our shared hobby, and her method.  We talk about parenting, being creative under stress, and the means you got to go through to be a Author instead of a Hobbyist.

Also, the Nyrdcast guys jump in with an intro. Check them out over at, they’re aren’t your usual dialogue.

Somewhere in all this, I’ll talk about the heat, procrastinating, and new projects like my website.

The website is live over at

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