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Deadpan Fury

Episode 70:Swerve

Nov 9, 2016

We were joking around, and watching the coverage. I think we were all shocked.
And then crap got dark.
 Really dark.

I'm not releasing the podcast. it's not entertaining,educational, or even enjoyable. I listened to most of it a second time,then deleted it. Im not even going to make some episode about the extreme reactions or rationales or what went wrong.

I'm not going to point fingers or rally against the people who wanted something different. you got it. But I don't take today as a victory by any stretch. My candidate never materialized and the one I voted for didn't win. About half the people in the country that voted are in the same boat.
 But Im not the one crying about my wife dying without medical treatment, who cheered away the only plan covering them.
I'm not the person with a 250,000/year job lamenting the loss of the middle class. And Im not the person telling everybody else how I think "all lives matter" even as I try to deny "some lives" of the same services ,rights and privileges I offer to my "own kind" without blinking. And even those people are more than those simple little tags when I let them be.

America always takes a selfish interest in selfish things. the rallying cry for defeat tonight is "cmon America, you're better than this" apparently no we aren't. So fist pump our 'victory' of exclusion, because that nasty lying criminal didn't escape her reckoning with that other nasty lying criminal.

Can you blame people for wanting other choices? I can't.

The closest thing I hold to 'blame' is the media treating this like clickbait, and fostering a confusing mess of rhetoric, nonsense, and fear when information should have been the highest priority. Im wrong all the time, but I think I still prefer being wrong about the winner, and not the reason I voted.

There wont be an election episode, and there wont be a flippant make up episode or fill in. I'll skip it and move on to the next cathartic thing, or angry thing,or mindless thing-while trying to help my loved ones figure out what to do.