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Deadpan Fury

Episode 1, Version 2.

Apr 13, 2015

Yeah, that's right. My drive crashed, destroying the Pale Writer/HuntressDiana episode we were going to start things off with.

 So instead? I'm scheduling an episode devoted to each of them and recording a session with the Hatter in the interim.

 And playing Guild Wars 2, mostly sending gifts via ingame mail.

The local Orland history is coming along slow, because "still waters run deep" and this town is sometimes inertia personfied. It's still going to play a part in this podcast, but it's not as easy as setting up time to talk to my buddies about comic books or movies.


Deadpan Fury was an online "talk radio" style forum a few of us contributed to after our old haunt Athanon shut down. It's currently in internet limbo, but this podcast is the spiritual successor to it. Hatter was one of the main contributors and a Founder of the place, and he's part of my extended family. I hope you enjoy listening to us continually interupt each other.