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Deadpan Fury

Apr 26, 2017

We're back from our Hiatus!

For 2017, we're going to run through my social media accounts and talk to people who excel at things I'm horrible at, or always wished I could do, or understand things I do not. yes, after two or so years of being a non-credential know it all, I'm going to jump into the role of student, fan, or idiot and learn from talented people more accomplished than I am. True to form though, we're going to start things off with me suffering from 24 hours worth of sleep debt and amazingly poor acoustics on top of my allergies. you're welcome!

Intro Theme "(This is) The thrilling conversation you've been waiting for"by Harvey Danger, used with permission. check out free music at and hit the donate button while you're there if you like! Webmaster Jeff has been very awesome!

This episode's guest is CS Swampfox, visit him on facebook at

We talk about his history as a one man band, his creative process, and some of the parallels between writing fiction and composing a song.

Musical Clip from "The Door" by CS Swampfox, from "Mad Singalong" available on itunes, amazon and elsewhere.

We're played out by "Rumble in the Queens" by Alex Grey, officially purchased license and everything!

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