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Deadpan Fury

Apr 26, 2016

The best part about having long conversations is stretching them out across multiple episodes.

I got the guys from Nyrdcast (Toner and Jay) to join me in guessing what DC has up their sleeves.

To be honest, I scream about my neighbor mowing his lawn during my intro more than we talk about the DC rebirth project. In part 1, we start talking about DC's approach to comic books and movies, and WTF happened with Batman vs Superman.


Part 2 will be up later this week, so if you get bored in the meantime, check out Nyrdcast over at the 



The crosstalk episodes will be treated like an event. Instead of just doing my own show about a topic recently covered in the IJOV shows,Im going to just scalp their hosts and do some follow up. It's not even the laziest approach I have in my bag of tricks,so don't start!


Shoutout to Joe Dust!