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Deadpan Fury

Mar 30, 2017

it's the last mini episode of Wow Geezo as we move into DPF!


Marcus rants about people who make up conspiracies involving small children, 3 hour WB movies, and people binge watching media who don't understand LEGION. He also rants a little bit about heaping hate on Iron Fist and Ignoring Riverdale.


New theme...

Mar 25, 2017

A rough idea of some of the exciting changes Im going to put myself through, along with what this means for my audience.




Mar 20, 2017

What's a few moments when you need catharsis?


Mar 19, 2017

I was going to just release one slightly rambling mini episode, but instead I recorded 3 rambling commutes. 


there's comic books, what I do when my girlfriend is out of town, and tips on customer service. And f words.

Mar 4, 2017

Marcus refuses to stop ranting about the dirtbag in chief, wasting 1 minute of the miniepisode on it.


There's some empty promises and complaining about passive aggressive people too, along with lots of F words..Like Fun, and Find, and Forget and-