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Deadpan Fury

Jun 28, 2016

3 hours of my crap, OR 5 minutes after I've watched it. U-Decide

Jun 28, 2016

I continue to stay awake and heckle this entire POS film. Also, Wonder Woman

Jun 28, 2016

Im bored, and heckling a 3 hour movie I've never watched before. You're welcome.


The first 1hr and 8 minutes, right here.


hastag redcapes


(note: Im not offering intentional audio of the movie,so you're not even getitng a poor mans audible out of this turd)

Jun 27, 2016

I ramble about my brother.

Jun 26, 2016

Something Somethin is over at Wildpig, Nyrdcast just posted a preview, so Im telling you what Im up, whats going on today, and what happens if I fall asleep before lunch with Sue.

By request, I also offer my "hidden under the counter" book suggestion that I don't give "everybody" interested in comics.