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Deadpan Fury

Jul 29, 2015

3 episodes in one month? Amazing!


And with all the shows we didnt talk about or cover yet? They were starting to get backlogged so I just surprised Denise with all of them.


 That's right, Denise is tasked with defending and explaining the entire network schedule at 3am.

There's spoilers galore about old movies, fan...

Jul 28, 2015

sunnavoabitch must pay.


Jul 22, 2015

Update: I still havent recorded anything this month. I plan to do all the work while crying this week. My Orland guest keeps eluding me, and the worthless Ryan Connor has yet to show up for an episode.



 It's also helluva hot because my landlord hasnt fixed my AC yet, and now that I have a car with air conditioning,...

Jul 15, 2015

What? Heroes? That's coming back? is it worth it?


New Ghostbusters film? Another Crow movie?

 I'm not going to lie, we go all over the map with this one.


Bianca/Huntress Di and special guest Podcast Rob - from SOMETHING SOMETHING CAST join me as we recall the things that made Heroes great TV, and the stuff that...

Jul 6, 2015