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Deadpan Fury

May 30, 2015

 I finally felt well enough to record Bianca's make up episode, but then she got sick. And then work picked up and I got busy. And then I got caught up in scheduling issues, and Bianca agreed to stay up late so I could talk to her about the Star Wars convention she attended in Anaheim. 

 We discuss the trailer,...

May 19, 2015

Same boring show, exciting new delivery system. A quick recap of what to expect, and Marcus' thoughts on people who insist on wearing band shirts while attending concerts.


May 13, 2015

Ok, so after being nearly 2 weeks late with a make up podcast due to allergies and scheduling problems, I manage to record not one,but TWO Deadpan Fury podcasts in the same day.



So I went from behind to backlogged! Woo me, woo Bianca, and woo pale Writer.


This is gaming related. tabletop nerd stuff. We talk a...

May 11, 2015

While I wait for everyones schedules to line up, and get ready to see the Jesus and Mary Chain in concert, I decided to spoil everything I saw on TV or enjoyed reading last week.


So, there could be spoilers for Age of Ultron, The Flash, Mad Men, Bitch Planet, Secret Wars. There's really no telling, except by me-...

May 1, 2015

Since neither I nor Hatter ever make errors or mistakes, the followup mini episode is barely needed. 


In the meantime, my sinuses continue to plot against me.